Thomas the Tank Engine Invites Invitations Expand

Thomas the Tank Engine Invites Invitations


  • 8 Thomas Postcard Invites 
  • 8 Envelopes
  • 8 Seals
  • 8 Save The Date Stickers
  • Genuine Licensed

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Thomas the tank engine party supplies realised that thomas the tank engine cartoon series were not just your favourite but your friends’ favourite as well. So, they wanted you to do something very different, and so they customised these invitation cards and put them into a package.
The invitation cards are the most unique ones that you’ll ever see. These invitation cards are everything that you would want.
they are an indication for your friends that they aren’t going to attend an ordinary or boring party but it’ll be an amazing one and they’ll for sure, have fun with their favourite cartoon theme around.
in each package, you get 8 invitations and evelopes, 8 seals and 8 save the date stickers just for dollar 5.50.