Star wars Episode 7 Favours Pack Expand

Star wars Episode 7 Favours Pack


Star Wars Episode 7 Favour Pack

  • 8 Keychains
  • 8 Whistles
  • 8 Prism Viewers
  • 8 Maze Puzzles
  • 8 Ping balls
  • 8 ID cards
  • 48 Piece in total

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Favour packs are a great deal when you want to either treat your ownself with one, or gift one to your friends. You can also use them in your parties. These customised favour packs,  have everything inside customised too.
in every package, you get, 8 keychains, 8 whistles, 8 maize puzzles, 8 prism viewers, 8 ping balls and 8 ID cards. All of these are based on the star wars theme.
This favour pack provides you with things that can come in use as well as cute little games. This package costs for about dollar, 19.95.