Star Wars Swirl Decorations Expand

Star Wars Swirl Decorations


Star Wars Rebel Swirl Decorations:

  • Contains:
  • 6 Swirls
  • 3 Swirls w/Paper Cutouts, 7"
  • 3 Swirls w/Paper Cutouts, 5"
  • 12 in a package

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star wars have been the kid’s favourite action cartoons. So if you are a kid who loves star wars then make your birthday special by celebrating it with Star wars.
the star wars swirl decorations make your birthday extra special. These swirls are made in accordance with the star wars theme and are in the colour blue and red. They have the star wars characters imprinted upon them. There are six swirls and total 12 per package and each package costs for about dollar 8.9.
Swirls are a great plus in festivity and celebrations.