Spiderman Latex Balloons


Spiderman Latex Balloons:

  • Spiderman Latex balloons
  • 6 in a package
  • No helium required
  • 12 inch ( 30.4 cm ) when inflated 
  • Genuine Licensed

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Spiderman party supplies believe that no party is complete without these sacs filled with air. Or is it?
Balloons have simply become the symbol of a party or celebration. For this reason, Spiderman supplies in Australia wanted to provide you with the most perfect qualitied balloons that you’ll ever see.
These red coloured balloons have Spiderman imprinted upon them. they are red because spiderman’s standard colour is ‘’red and blue’’ with hints of black as well.
you get 6 balloons per package. These balloons do not require any helium in them and make the party look great. You can buy each for dollar 5.90.