Spiderman Tattoos Expand

Spiderman Tattoos


Spiderman Tattoos:

  • 16 x Tattoos
  • 2" x 1 3/4"
  • Company Packaging
  • Genuine Licensed

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Tattoos and stickers are the kid’s favourite. It’s always amazing to have cute little stickers and tattoos.  Good quality tattoos are the ones that stick nicely to your skin but at the same time are very easy to remove. Artificial tattoos usually leave marks and signs on the skin, such as redness and etc.
Spiderman supplies in Australia know how dangerous bad quality tattoos can be for yourskin. For this purpose, they make the finest quality, customised tattoos for kids which are easily removeable.
In each package, you get 16 different types of tattoos. Each package costs you just dollar 2.95.