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Skylanders Pencils


Skylanders Pencils: 

  • 12 per package
  • Each measures 7 3/8in
  • 2 Designs
  • Company Packaging
  • Genuine Licensed

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Stationary plays a very vital role and should be made with extra ordinary quality because no stop should come when you’re gaining knowledge, right?
for this reason, these very perfect pencils have been created by Skylanders supplies in Australia.
these pencils can be gifted to your friends or kept for your ownself as well. In each package, you get 12 themed, blue coloured pencils which are superb quality. for more variety and so that you can choose the one that you like, you get two different designs. You also get the mini erasers at the end of the full sized pencils which erase real well, all this in dollar 6.50.