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WWE Wrestling Birthday Banner

WWE Wrestling Letter Banner

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WWE Wrestling Letter Banner :

  •  Contains: 1 customisable letter banner 10.5 Foot Long
  • 24 Attachable Pieces:2 each 0 to 9 plus TH, RD, ND, ST 
  • 5 Piece of double sided tape
  • Genuine Licensed Company packaging

So, Because ordinary banners are too boring, The WWE wrestling party supplies in Australia planned on providing you with these letter banners which unlike the ordinary banners, give you the chance of adding your age in the banner. These banners look super cool on your walls.
Per package, you get to have 1 letter banner. You also get a number of different letters and numbers with the package. 5 pieces of double sided tape has also been put into the package in order to stick the banner really well to the wall. Buy each package just for dollar 15.50.