Super Hero Girls Balloon Bouquet

Super Hero Girls Balloon Bouquet

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Super Hero Girls Balloon Bouquet:

  • 1 Super shape foil balloon ( 28 inch (71 cm ) when inflated )
  • 2 standard square themed foil balloon ( 17 inch when inflated )
  • 2 Star shape standard foil balloons ( 17 inch when inflated )
  • Helium required
  • Made in USA 
  • Genuine Licensed Anagram Foil Balloons
  • Company packaging

With this balloon bouquet, make your guests look at your party decorations with open mouths. It will add just a combination of different colours, theme and shades into your parties which will make your parties look just the way you want them to. This balloon bouquet is a combination of different balloons. You get one super shaped customised foil balloon, 2 star shaped balloons and 2 standard balloons. You can purchase each package for just dollar 19.95. which is great.