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Skylanders Honeycomb Balls

Skylanders Honeycomb Balls

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Skylanders Honeycomb Balls: 

  • 3 per package
  • Largest honeycomb decoration, 12 1/2in wide x 7 1/2in tall x 5in deep
  • Smallest honeycomb decoration, 9 1/4in wide x 9 1/4in tall x 5in deep
  • Cardstock and tissue paper
  • Attached strings
  • Arrive flat

Now so that you wouldn't have to go looking for each individual product, Skylanders supplies in Australia created these party packages for you in order to give you all the party essentials in just one single package.
In each package, you get eight beverage plates and cups both themed, 8 loot bags which are also themed, and with all this, 16 themed napkins are also put into the packages.
These packages were made to make your job easier and so that you would not have to go look for each product individually.
You can get this package for dollar 14.95.