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Rapunzel Invitations

Rapunzel Invitations

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Rapunzel Invitations:

  • 8 Invites 
  • 8 Envelopes
  • 8 Seals
  • 8 Save the date stickers
  • Genuine Licensed
  • Company packaging

With these invitation cards, have a very special way to invite your friends over at your place to be a part of your special day. These invites are surely the best ones you'd have ever seen. These invitation cards when opened, will invite your friends into your Rapunzel party which will surely be fun. The invitations play a very significant role in making your parties superb and so, The Rapunzel supplies in Australia per package, provide you with 8 invites and envelopes, 8 save the date stickers and to finish off, 8 seals have also been put into the package. Buy each package just for dollar 6.50.