Paw Patrol Foil Balloon Bouquet

Paw Patrol Foil Balloon Bouquet

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Paw Patrol Foil balloon Bouquet:

  • 5 in a package (Un-inflated)
  • 1 x foil balloon (25 inch x 27inch) (63cm x 68cm)
  • 2 Paw patrol foil balloons (17 inch when inflated)
  • 2 x Star shape foil balloons (19 inch when inflated)
  • Helium required
  • Genuine Licensed

Balloon bouquets are such a lovely way to gather all you favourite balloons together and make the bouquet of your choice. Paw patrol party supplies bring to you the perfect balloon bouquet that can be bought online at the Paw Patrol supplies in Australia.
this balloon bouquet includes the themed foil balloon which has a paw patrol theme imprinted upon it. This one is the main and the balloon is shaped according to the picture. The other two balloons have the same picture imprinted. But to complete the bouquet there are two star balloons which are also included in this package. This package costs for about dollar 18.9.