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Justice League Swirl Decorations

Justice League Swirl Decorations

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Justice League Swirl Decorations:

  • 6 foil swirl decorations
  • 3 foil swirl decorations with 7 inch cutouts
  • 3 foil swirl decorations with 5 inch cutouts
  • 12 swirls in total

Swirl decorations are usually present at every party. But when you hear customized swirl decorations, what usually gets in the mind is, how is it possible? How can one customize swirl decorations?
Well,Justice League Party Supplies In Australia know how to do this job. They hang cute little pictures of justice league below the swirls in order to customize them.
Per package, you get to buy about 12 total swirl decorations. With different colors and different pictures of your favorite super heroes hanging below. You can purchase each package for dollar 9.95.