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Hot Wheels Sweat Bands

Hot Wheels Sweat Bands

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Hot Wheels Sweat Bands:

  • Contains:
  • 4 in a pack
  • 2 3/4 in diameter x 2 3/4 in tall
  • Polyester
  • Hand Wash cold, line dry
  • One size fits most children
  • Company Packaging
  • Genuine Licensed

Sweat bands have become pretty much a fashion statment now. They had been created with the purpose of sports but now boys and girls wear it for the sake of fashion.
Sweat bands have also been customised. So, per package, you get the amazing chance by the Hot wheels party supplies in Australia to buy about 4 sweat bands per package. The sweatbands have been made out of polyester. One size of these sweatbands can fit most of the kids.
The sweatbands are easy to wash and also to dry.
you can buy each package for dollar 8.95.Â