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Blaze and Monster Machines Stickers Booklet

Blaze and Monster Machines Stickers Booklet

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Blaze and Monster Machines Stickers Booklet:   

  • 9 Pages 
  • 111 Stickers in total
  • 5 x 4 inch (Each page)
  • Genuine Licensed
  • Company packaging

Have you ever used sticker booklets?
is collecting different stickers your favourite hobby? If it is your favourite hobby then Blaze and The monster machines supplies in Australia care for you and so they created for you, these packages that have these cute little sticker booklets that you can use to customise your simplest of notebooks or simplest of diaries and make them look all in accordance with the theme and also very special.
In this package,  you get 9 pages of stickers and a total of 111 stickers for dollar 3.50.