Avengers Swirl Decorations

Avengers Swirl Decorations

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Avengers Swirl Decorations:

  • 6 Foil swirl decorations, 22in
  • 3 Foil swirl decorations with 7in cutouts
  • 3 Foil swirl decorations with 5in cutouts

Swirl decorations have always been a very unique kind and category of decorations.
to make it even more unique and up to the theme, Avengers Party Supplies In Australia thought that it would be a very splendid idea to hang little circular pictures of customised characters from the Avengers.
so, in this package, you get a total of 6 foiled swirl decorations.
3 with a seven inches cutout, and 3 with a five inches cutout. These colourful cutouts add hints of different colours into your parties.
you can buy this package just for dollar 8.50 and enjoy the colours.