Dinosaurs Swirl Decorations Expand

Dinosaur Swirl Decorations


Dinosaur Swirl Decorations :

  • 6 Foil swirls (18inch)
  • 6 Swirls with cutouts (24inch)
  • 12 in a package

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A perfect party is the one in which everything is right on point. From decorations to the food, everything is just perfect.
The Dinosaur supplies in  Australia thought that it would be perfect to provide you with customised swirl decorations that have small little pictures of Dinosaurs hanging below them.
so in this package, you get 2 different sizes. You get a total of 12 swirl decorations. 6 of the swirls measure 18 inches and 6 of them measure 24 inches. You can buy this package for dollar 8.50. which is amazing.