Blaze And The Monster Machines Tattoos Sheet Expand

Blaze And The Monster Machines Tattoos Sheet


Blaze and the Monster Machines Tattoos:

  • 1 Sheet
  • 8 perforated squares, 2in  x 1 3/4 tall
  • Sheet, 4in wide x 7in tall
  • Easily applied with a damp cloth
  • Easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol

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Tattoos and stickers are every kids’ favourites. Kids love collecting them and then playing around with them.
The Blaze and the monster machines supplies in Australia thought it would be great to provide the kids with the most perfect qualitied and appealing tattoos ever. The tattoos which are easy to put on and then very easy to remove as well. In this package, you get about one sheet of tattoos with 8 different squares and different tattoos per sheet. The tattoos can be taken off by using baby oil or alcohol. You can apply them with a damp cloth. Buy them for dollar 3.50 (per package).