Avengers lunch napkins Expand

Avengers Lunch Napkins


Avengers Lunch Napkins:

  •  16 in a Pack
  •  6 1/2in x 6 1/2in when folded
  •  2 Ply 
  •  Genuine Licensed.

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Lunch napkins are the essentials of every dinning table.
if you are throwing a party that revolves around the Avengers’ theme, then why keep and use some simple coloured napkins on your table?
Why not keep these customised napkins and make your table look the best one?
so, for this reason, Avengers Party Supplies In Australia customised some very great quality fabric napkins for you to keep on your table and to wipe your mouth with.
in this package, you get 16 napkins with a 2ply. You can buy each package for dollar 5.50. great, isn’t it?